YouTube Says It Will Remove Videos With False Information About Abortion

(CTN News) – YouTube announced on Thursday that it will remove videos that contain abortion misinformation.

According to a tweet from the company, “We will begin removing content that provides instructions for unsafe abortion methods or promotes false claims about abortion safety starting today.”

Google parent YouTube has come under fire in recent months after a group of lawmakers urged the company to crack down on search results that allegedly direct people looking for abortion services to crisis pregnancy centers opposed to abortion.

Following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade earlier this month, Google will work to quickly delete location history for people going to abortion sites.

“We prioritize connecting people to health content from authoritative sources, and we continuously review our policies & products as real world events unfold,” YouTube says in a statement.

In addition, the company will launch an “information panel” that will display information from local and global health authorities below abortion-related videos.

According to the National Library of Medicine, YouTube provided an example of how it will be displayed.

A display stated, “An abortion ends a pregnancy.”. It involves removing the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus. A licensed healthcare professional performs the procedure.”

People interested in learning more can click on the link and consult their local medical authority.

In the past, YouTube has tackled controversial topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic and political elections in a similar manner. It’s rare for the company to say it will remove videos entirely.

Enforcement remains a challenge. In its existing policy, YouTube prohibits certain types of misleading or deceptive content. Promoting harmful remedies or treatments, interfering with democratic processes, or using technically manipulated content are examples.

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