Xcode Cloud Subscriptions Launched By Apple To Speed Up App Development

CTN NEWS –  Xcode Cloud enables developers to accelerate the development of apps, as its name suggests. By depending on the cloud, devs get to execute several tasks simultaneously and in a sped-up manner.

It’s particularly helpful for those building big projects, which would consume a lot of time and processing power to compile locally. A group of select developers beta-tested Xcode Cloud back in June 2021.

Xcode Cloud, the continuous integration and delivery service built into Xcode, accelerates the development and delivery of high-quality apps.

Get started by configuring a workflow in Xcode and receive 25 compute hours per month at no cost until the end of 2023. And now, Account Holders can subscribe for more compute hours in the Apple Developer app.

Apple has announced that its Xcode Cloud subscription service is now available to all enrolled developers. Until the end of next year, devs can configure a workflow and utilize up to 25 compute hours for free.

By the end of December 2023, this same package will start costing developers $14.99 per month.

Apple is offering higher Xcode Cloud tiers

For those who need more than 25 compute hours monthly, Apple is offering higher Xcode Cloud tiers. The company lists 100, 250, and 1,000 compute hours for a monthly fee of 49.99, 99.99, and 399.99 USD respectively.

For reference, a compute hour is an hour you spend building an app or running tasks in the cloud. So if you run six 10-minute tasks, that’s a total of one compute hour.

This optional subscription is a great addition for those working on major projects who don’t want to invest in faster computers. If you’re interested in trying it out, make sure you are running at least Xcode 13.4.1 and have an active Apple Developer account.

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