WorkinTool PDF Converter Ultimate Review

WorkinTool PDF Converter – Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, working from home has become a usual way for people to work.

Even though the time has come today, many companies continue this office model for staff safety.

Because of its excellent compatibility and non-editable factors, PDF has always been the first choice as an official document.

Therefore, demand for PDF-related software has skyrocketed high since the epidemic.

But if you Google the PDF software, you will find that many tools and online services will give you more or less limited functions that seriously affect the efficiency of the office.

If you are not willing to pay for a membership, you must find the following product that works. It’s a waste of time and energy.

If this bothers you, don’t worry, we’ve found the best solution for you. WorkinTool PDF Converter can help you out with this awkward situation.

It’s a desktop PDF software, but it’s worth downloading. It offers you all the PDF-related applications and is free to use.

Not only that, it has more custom options like page management and PDF content editing.

Also, during our test, we didn’t find any limits on all the functions. Now, let’s dive into the details of WorkinTool PDF Converter.


1. Various PDF Functions

2. No Limits or Compulsory Consumption

3. Support Batch PDF Conversion

4. Simple Operation and Clear Interface


1. Currently, Windows only

2. More Functions on the Way

In this article, you will find out:

  • Interface and in Use
  • Features
  1. PDF Conversion
  2. Tool Box
  3. View and Edit

Interface and in Use

When you first download and install the WorkinTool PDF Converter, you’ll see its clear, simple, and intuitive PDF user interface after opening.

All these various PDF features are divided into three types and placed on the right side of the Interface.

These are PDF format conversions, page management, PDF view, and edit. On the left side of the Interface is where users input their files.

Users can find the functionality they need in the main Interface and start operating directly.

Even people who have never used PDF office software can get the hang of it the first time and quickly become proficient.

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During thorough testing, we didn’t find software malfunctions such as latency or non-response in WorkinTool.

Each function perfectly matches the user’s needs.

Whether it’s format conversions, PDF compression, or content tweaks, the document’s quality remains intact at the end of the output.

It can be said that among all the free software, it is the best PDF desktop function application.


WorkinTool divides the main PDF-related functions into three categories and puts them together for users to find and use.

Each feature helps users better process PDF files and get the desired results.

  • PDF Conversion
  • Tool Box
  • View and Edit

PDF Conversion

The first big section is the PDF format conversion that is most commonly used by PDF users.

In this professional PDF software you can find almost any format that can be converted.

In addition to the most popular Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image format conversion, it also provides PDF to HTML conversion function for users who need to use it.

word image 154018 3

Today we’ll focus on the PDF to Image feature. WorkinTool provides converted images in the most compatible JPG format.

However, the software is also unrestricted if you convert from other image formats to PDF. The PDF processing tool also supports batch conversion.

You can put as many files as you want to transform together. Quality won’t be affected at all.

The image above appears when you place the targeted PDF files in the processing window.

In this Interface, you can still choose whether to add new files or modify the file after the processing location. In addition, there are two custom options on the right side of the Interface:

Page to JPG: The PDF content is converted by the number of pages. One page is a JPG image.

Extract JPG: All the image elements in the PDF file are extracted.

If you use the first method, you can think of it as a screenshot on every PDF file page.

Everything in the PDF, including images and text, will be saved to the specified folder in JPG format.

If you select the second one, it will automatically extract the contents of the PDF file image without text information. The two methods focus on different points. You can choose according to your needs.

Tool Box

In the second section, some features make adjustments to the PDF file itself.

Here, users are free to merge or split PDF pages. Compress the PDF file size, add a password to it or unlock a locked PDF file.

These features WorkinTool PDF Converter are free to use with no restrictions.

word image 154018 4

Take a look at the compressed PDF feature. In fact, this function is as simple and intuitive as the other parts provided.

It’s the same as the PDF to JPG functionality we saw above. Only this time, the custom option on the right becomes the other two:

Standard Compression: Do basic compression but still maintain PDF file quality.

Extreme Compression: PDF file compression to the extreme. Pay more attention to the degree of reduction.

View and Edit

Then the third section of the function is a handy PDF file feature. It is well known that PDF files cannot be edited directly, unlike Word or Excel.

This can be tricky to edit if you find problems like typos after generating a PDF.

Except for Adobe, the software offers powerful editing features as well.

It doesn’t matter if you want to cut something out of the original text. Draw a picture or add a note. It can meet your needs.

word image 154018 5

Of course, based the editing function gives the user greater freedom to customize the editing.

It also thoughtfully offers a variety of brushes, sizes, colors, font styles, and opacity for users to choose from.

Not only that, each feature adds more or less custom content. Even the notes feature has different patterns and brush changes that can be easily met by other groups of users and more customized content.


Before we tested this software, we also tested many free PDF processing software on the Internet.

Whether it is online or desktop software, as long as it is free, it will be more or less limited to the user.

It may be that the output is watermarked for you or that there is a limit to the size and number of input documents.

Fortunately, these problems did not occur with the software. All the functions can be used normally.

Whether you have any PDF requirements, this PDF software can solve them for you.

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