Will V Rising Get an Xbox Release Date?

V Rising is a big hit on PC, and players on other platforms want a chance to enjoy the vampiric goodness. However, when a game’s a surprise success like this, its scope usually changes. We’ll take a look at the possibility of Stunlock Studios bringing V Rising to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S below.

Will V Rising come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S?

V Rising Xbox Release Date

As of writing, Stunlock Studios hasn’t announced any plans to bring V Rising to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It was an immediate hit when it was released into early access on Steam, and it’s likely that the developers didn’t expect such an enthusiastic reception.

The game is currently only on PC, but it adapts well to a controller, and we’d be surprised if it didn’t make it to Xbox at some point. Xbox regularly allows early access titles on the platform, and it’s entirely possible the devs will decide to make a port a priority since the game continues to sell better than anticipated.

It’d make sense to bring V Rising to Xbox One and Xbox Series X quickly, though. The game will likely reach the height of its popularity when it exits early access and Stunlock Studios would be wise to capitalize on this by having it on as many platforms as possible.

For now, it seems like the devs’ main goal is to hit version 1.0. For the immediate future, they’ve stated that they’re concentrating on fixing bugs, server optimization, and quality of life improvements. They plan to release content in big chunks instead of piecemeal over time, and we expect something substantial (like a new area) soon enough.

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