Will PS5 Get Ultrawide Support in 2022?

The next-gen Sony system recently received an update expanding its resolution support to include 1440p. This addition now begs the question of whether or not the PS5 will also be getting ultrawide support in 2022 or beyond. Support for 21:9 and wider monitors would be huge for enthusiasts, but is it in development? Here’s what we know so far about ultrawide on PS5.

Is the PS5 getting ultrawide support in 2022?

At the time of writing, Sony has not mentioned any plans for PS5 ultrawide support for 2022. Nor has the company confirmed that it’s even on the roadmap for future updates.

While the PS5 did get 1440p support in a recent beta patch, that resolution adheres to the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Games can be outputted at that aspect ratio without issue. Ultrawide resolutions, on the other hand, demand a significant widening of the image. This would likely mean additional work by the developers to incorporate the additional aspect ratios.

Of course, it’s possible that ultrawide support will eventually come to PS5. The addition of 1440p marks a big step forward for the platform in acknowledging that gamers aren’t just playing on TVs.

Does the PS5 work with ultrawide monitors?

The PS5 does work with ultrawide monitors. However, the screen will still display a 16:9 image with black bars filling the sides.

Games like Death Stranding have emulated the ultrawide experience with in-game graphics options, but it’s still technically a 16:9 output with black bars on the top combined with the black bars on the side. It’s fun, but nowhere near “ultrawide.”

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