Will Get a Rollerdrome Xbox Release Date?: Is it Coming to Game Pass?

Players are interested to know if Rollerdrome is coming to Xbox. While the game is available for PC and PlayStation, it seems like a perfect fit for Xbox Game Pass, so what’s the deal? We’ll take a look at whether Rollerdrome will get an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S release date below.

Will there be a Rollerdrome Xbox release date?

No Rollerdrome Xbox release date has been announced as of writing. Developer Roll7 hasn’t mentioned whether expanding to other platforms will be a future goal or not. If the game is successful, we can assume it’ll come to more systems, but other things may be in play that prevent that.

Rollerdrome was announced during a Sony State of Play event, so it’s possible that it may be a console exclusive. Typically, this type of arrangement only lasts a year or so, so we might see the game come to Xbox in 2023. However, PlayStation has been known to pay for permanent exclusives. The company might be trying to tie down titles for its newly launched PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers. In that case, it’d stay stuck on PS4 and PS5.

Will it come to Xbox Game Pass?

The same issues discussed above affect whether Rollerdrome will come to Xbox Game Pass. A smaller title like this might not seem like the kind of thing Microsoft and Sony would duke it out for, but times are changing.

The more big studios like Bungie, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard get bought out by Sony and Microsoft, the more blockbuster games will be console exclusives by default. We’ll see AA and indie games become a ripe target for exclusivity deals the more this happens. That may not be the case here, but it’s something to watch out for in the near future.

As of now, Rollerdrome hasn’t been announced for the Game Pass roster.

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