Why IPhones Don’t Fall In Price Compared To Other Smartphones: 6 Reasons

(CTN News) – In the smartphone world, Apple iPhones is considered a pioneer. Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007.

In the following years, there have been dozens of manufacturers with millions of smartphones.

With the iPhone, you could also access the internet wherever you are. A year after the iPhone launched, the company launched its App Store with around 500 apps.

There are now more than 2.1 million apps on the App Store. Have you ever wondered why iPhone prices don’t fall like other smartphones?

This blog will provide a range of reasons that should answer this question.

Reasons why iPhones Don’t Fall in Price

Dominant Market Position & More Demand:

Silicon Valley giant maintains dominant market position since its inception.

In such a way as iPhone has projected itself, no smartphone can compare.

Furthermore, iPhones are in high demand. People in first-world countries (like the west, Japan, etc.) prefer phones. Rich segments of societies in the third world also use iPhones exclusively.


iPhones are undoubtedly more reliable than other devices. Comparatively, they don’t wear out as easily.

There are a number of people in Pakistan who still use the iPhone 7 series, which was launched 6 years ago. Apple’s devices are flawless due to the quality of its components.

Impressive Aesthetics & Less Bloatware:

iPhones have always been synonymous with design and aesthetics.

iPhones have remained impressive throughout their history, from their classical home button design to their all-screen mode.

Aside from that, iOS is very user-friendly and appealing due to its lack of bloatware (pre-installed apps).

Users who get used to iOS don’t prefer any other operating system because of its simplicity.

Apple Eco-System:

Also, Apple’s integration between devices is phenomenal. Your Apple devices ( iPhone, Airpods, Macbook, and iPad) can be easily integrated.

Apple ecosystem offers a number of exciting and user-friendly features. Using AirPods with iPhone, Siri can read messages for you when you receive them.

Worldwide, Apple has established itself as the top smartphone brand.

As a result, most people who can afford an iPhone will never switch to another smartphone brand. The symbol has also become a source of pride for many.

Innovation at its Core:

One of the pioneers of smartphones is the iPhone. Moreover, it brought cutting-edge internet connectivity.

The company introduced the first dual camera setup on iPhone 7.

Apple introduced the first notch with the iPhone X. As you can see, the iPhone is a master of innovation.

As a result of the aforementioned reasons, iPhones don’t fall in price as rapidly as other smartphones do.


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