Why Does Hulu Have So Many Ads Even With a Subscription?

When viewers have upgraded their watch package, it’s always a surprise to see an advert popping up to ruin the viewing experience, but this appears to be what’s happening to Hulu subscribers. The service is including adverts for some of their shows. Here is the need-to-know about Hulu and adverts with a subscription.

Why does Hulu still have ads with a subscription?

Why Does Hulu Have So Many Ads

Even with a Hulu subscription, some programs will still contain a short advertisement break due to the streaming rights.

Ads currently still appear on the following show:

Though this list can change as and when new content is added.

When watching live TV, or viewing Cloud DVR recordings, users will experience advert pop-ups as they would be shown to everyone else watching live through another service. Though users can upgrade their Cloud DVR to Enchanted Cloud DVR which allows viewers to skip forward through any adverts.

Some content through certain Hulu add-ons may also experience adverts. This will depend on which add-on users have purchased. For example, the ESPN+ add-on could experience adverts.

However, although users will not experience advert breaks with the premium add-ons such as STARZ, HBO, Cinemax, and SHOWTIME, users may experience a promo slot before the program starts.

For those who are used to not seeing any ads for on-demand services like Netflix, the Hulu ads can be quite jarring. Unfortunately, that’s just part of the experience for this service in particular.

If the ads are too much to handle, the only solution is to unsubscribe from Hulu and try another service. Or, make an effort to avoid any of the Hulu shows where ads can potentially appear, though that could be difficult as they are not marked in any clear way.

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