WhatsApp Will Allow You To Hide The Fact That You’re Constantly Using It

I know you’re online, why aren’t you responding to my WhatsApp message? Have you ever received a WhatsApp message, only to receive a follow-up message a few minutes later?

It shouldn’t take long for that to end.

WABetaInfo reported Friday that WhatsApp beta version for Android now allows you to hide your online status. If a user is online or has been using the app recently, their online status appears at the top of the chat window.

The “last seen” and “online” features can now be customized by users to show to everyone, all contacts, selected contacts, or no one.

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It was reported earlier this month by WABetaInfo that the feature would be coming, but it was under development for iOS, with no indication of when it would be available for Android.

With the feature now showing up in a WhatsApp beta, it’s nearly a certainty that it will be added to an official update to WhatsApp’s application in the next few days or weeks.

In addition to obscuring the fact that you have been (ab)using WhatsApp all day, this feature should be useful if you want to prevent someone from bugging you, or if you want to be able to look at your chat history without everyone bombarding you with messages all day.


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