WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart Warns Users Against Modified Versions Of The App

WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, has taken to the popular social networking site Twitter to warn users against fake ‘mod’ apps that are being circulated on the internet.

These fake apps, that claim to offer WhatsApp features not available in the official app, are actually malware in disguise and can pose a serious threat to your privacy and security.

Koum has advised users to be wary of any app that asks for permissions that are not related to the basic functionality of the app.

He also urged users to check the reviews and ratings of an app before downloading it.

The fake ‘mod’ apps that Koum is warning users about are most likely being developed by malicious hackers in an attempt to steal user data or infect devices with malware.

So, if you come across any such app, make sure you stay away from it.

This is not the first time that Koum has warned users about the dangers of using fake WhatsApp apps.

In the past, he has also warned about the risks of using apps that claim to offer WhatsApp-like features.

However, this is the first time that Koum has specifically warned about the dangers of using fake ‘mod’ apps.

The term ‘mod’ refers to many mods of original WhatsApp, like GBWhatsApp. In the case of WhatsApp, there are many fake ‘mod’ apps that are available on the Internet.

If you’re a WhatsApp user, you need to be aware of the dangers of fake ‘mod’ apps that are being developed by third-party developers and sold on unofficial app stores.

These fake ‘mod’ apps are being developed by unscrupulous developers who are looking to make a quick buck by selling them on unofficial app stores.

They are usually poorly made and full of bugs, and they can pose a serious security risk to users.

If you’re thinking of downloading a ‘mod’ app, be sure to do your research first and only download it from a reputable source. And if you’re ever in doubt, always contact WhatsApp’s support

Koum’s warning comes after a recent spate of reports detailing how these fake WhatsApp ‘mods’ are being used to spread malware and spy on users.

In some cases, these apps have been found to include malicious code that can steal a user’s personal data, such as their contacts and WhatsApp messages.

While Koum did not name any specific ‘mod’ app in his warning, he does urge users to “only download WhatsApp from official app stores”, such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

WhatsApp’s CEO, Chris Daniels, has also taken to the company’s blog to warn users about fake ‘mod’ apps.

These are apps that claim to offer WhatsApp features that are not available in the official app, such as the ability to use WhatsApp on multiple devices or to run multiple WhatsApp accounts.

Daniels says that these apps are “unaffiliated with WhatsApp” and that they ” violate our terms of service.” He goes on to say that these apps “can be used to compromise your phone’s security and privacy.”

This is a good reminder for users to be cautious about any app that promises features that are not available in the official app.

This is especially true for WhatsApp, as the app has a lot of personal and private information.


WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, has a huge user base in India.

The app has been constantly evolving and adding new features to make it more user-friendly.

However, there are always people who try to take advantage of the app’s popularity and create fake versions of it, known as ‘mod’ apps.

While it is understandable that people want to use WhatsApp MODs with extra features, it is important to remember that these apps are not official and can be very dangerous.

So, if you value your privacy, make sure you only download WhatsApp from official sources.

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