What is the Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza Number?

You might be curious about the Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza number after seeing Argyle’s yellow delivery van in the show a few times. The fake number is plastered on the side of it, though you might have put it in the back of your mind while Argyle was busying driving the van to help give Will, Jonathan, and Mike a ride to Utah and then Nevada and to rescue Eleven from the secret compound. That said, this is what happens if you actually call the number.

What is the Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza phone number?

Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza

The phone number is 805-45-PIZZA or 805-457-4992. This is actually a “real” number with a California area code, and if you dial it, you’ll hear a hilarious recording of Argyle. Some report hearing a birthday greeting, though most people recount him talking about a long, overly complicated order from the dude before you. We don’t want to spoil the entire Easter egg in case you want to call the number yourself. We verified that it still works, though we got a different recording about pineapple pizza.

While you can’t actually order pizza from the line of course, there are “real” Surfer Boy frozen pizzas that you can purchase at Walmart (though they are sadly all sold out at the time of this writing). If they ever come back in stock, you will have several choices for toppings: pepperoni, meat lover’s, supreme, and pineapple jalapeño.

This Surfer Boy Pizza phone number isn’t the only Stranger Things number you can dial, either. You can dial 202-968-6161 to connect to the computer beeps and bloops of the Nina Project, 907-206-7700 to hear a recording of Yuri’s Fish & Fly, and 618-625-8313 to hear Murray Bauman complain about his mother. We’ve tested all of the numbers and they still work!

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