What Is Google Trends? How To Use Google Trends For Keyword Research?

(CTN News) – You can optimize your search engine performance by using Google Trends. It allows users to monitor SEO trends over time by tailoring searches for relevant termsGoogle Trends and phrases using Google Trends.

We will discuss key points on leveraging Google Trends to boost your company’s SEO ranking, marketing techniques, social media presence, and more.

By using Google Trends, users can compare search terms against other similar keywords, geographical regions, or languages, as well as across language barriers.

Using Google Trends, you can sort by real-time emphasis (the last seven days) or by a specific range (from 2004 to 36 hours ago).

In its early years, Google Trends analyzed and aggregated user interest in various topics or fields. With the rise of big data, it has evolved into a tool capable of gauging public reactions to real-time events or other news stories in the near future.

Additionally, the tool has changed how various types of research studies are conducted and will continue to influence how users utilize search data.

The Google Trends application allows users to track trends in a wide range of areas relevant to their interests, including social attitudes, politics, sports, and entertainment.

What Is Google Trends
What Is Google Trends

From technological forecasting to SEO optimization, Google Trends can be used for a variety of purposes. It depends on what you hope to gain from Google Trends and how you use it. Businesses can find out what products and services are in demand across different countries.

The success or popularity of athletes, performers, and other influencers can be tracked by social media managers. By pulling hard numbers on what works and what doesn’t, advertisers can save time and money.

How Do I Use Google Trends
How Do I Use Google Trends

Understand Keyword Search Volume

Keyword search volume refers to the number of times a term was searched in a given time period. For marketers and SEO professionals, this is crucial, since search volume ultimately determines how much traffic a website receives.

With Google Trends, you can enter any keyword phrase and see how interest in that topic has waxed and waned over time.

Additionally, you can view state maps that reflect the places where a given topic or business is most or least likely to be searched.

The savvy keyword researcher will record findings such as these in a dedicated log or keyword manager so that items trending on Google can be saved and exported.

Using Google Trends, you can see relative keyword popularity. For any term, the line graph represents a ratio of how many times that word or phrase was searched compared to how many searches were conducted in a given place at a given time for everything.

A new keyword is on fire, or is it just a passing fad? You can use Google Trends to find out whether a keyword is a legitimate trend or just a fad.

There is a “Year in Searches” tab in the tool’s left sidebar that shows recent searches for popular topics. In general, “spikes” occur around unique moments in time.

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