What Are The Benefits Of Smart Charging For Electric Car Users?

Smart Charging for Electric Car: Many people are interested in electric vehicles because of the positive effects they have on the environment. Additionally, the impact that these cars have made on the lives of many cannot be ignored. Unlike regular autos, electric vehicles often run a lot quieter and require little maintenance.

It is not surprising then that these modern cars are becoming more popular. More than 500,000 electric car models were made available in 2017, and the number is expected to grow further in the coming years.

As more sophisticated electric cars become available, manufacturers sought to gain more prospective clients. In doing so, they came up with extra features, like a better way to charge electric vehicles. This led to the development of the EV smart charging system.

What is Smart Charging?

Smart charging is a system that allows electric vehicles to share data with a charging device. To achieve this, the electric car owner needs to be connected to charging operators.

EV Smart charging, in essence, is about creating a communication line between smart EV chargers and electric vehicles. Once the line is established, both user and vehicle data can be shared and sent to charging stations.

The shared data is used by charging operators to optimize the way electric vehicles are recharged. For example, operators can calculate the best time to recharge your car (whether you’re at home or at work) and how much power they need to send. This helps minimize energy loss and maximize output at the same time.

How Does Smart Charging Work?

Smart EV chargers transmit real-time data directly to a centralized platform. This means that your vehicle won’t automatically start charging as soon it is plugged into the system until you have chosen the best recharging time for you.

The process helps prevent electrical grid overloads. Charging operators can consider various factors such as the number and type of electric vehicles that need recharging. The amount of energy allocated to waiting customers is also clearly determined, a much better option than just releasing all the available energy in one strike. This prevents situations where there is a great demand for power, and also reduces the possibility of creating potentially harmful energy type.

Benefits of EV Smart Charging

Smart charging electric vehicles can positively impact the environment even as EV owners can gain their own set of benefits. Below are some of them.

1. Availability of Charging Stations

As smart charging becomes more popular, as will its functionality. Soon, owners of electric cars will be able to use their smartphones to find the nearest charging station. This will make topping up an electric car’s battery easier and allow you to reserve a spot before you arrive.

2. Lower Charging Time

Because time is of the essence, it is important that electric car owners are given a shorter waiting period when it comes to having their vehicles recharged. With EV smart charging, stations can provide a charging speed of up to 150 kW which is a lot better when compared to other methods.

3. Safer Charging Experiences

Smart charging stations, which can be remotely operated by operators, are safer than charging your electric vehicle at home. Smart charging can greatly reduce home electrical accidents.

4. Reduced Spending

According to northwestautocollision.com, smart EV chargers can calculate the best time to charge your electric car by roughly calculating how much time you have before the next required charge and how much energy you will need. This allows them to lower your daily vehicle expenses by charging your car only when electricity rates are at their lowest.

Are You Looking To Buy an Electric Vehicle?

It is important that you first understand the benefits and the drawbacks of buying an electric vehicle when you are looking to get one. When it comes to benefits, there’s a lot that you can gain. These include the opportunity to be an eco-friendly user, enjoy quieter driving, less maintenance, designated lanes on the road, and even advanced repair options from reliable auto shops. On the other hand, owning an electric vehicle can mean high upfront costs, limited model options, and limited driving range.

Key Takeaway

Smart charging is a new feature designed for people who drive electric cars. As its name suggests, it offers electric vehicle owners an alternate way of charging. Its prime attraction is the opportunity to charge an electric vehicle through the assistance of remote charging stations.

The feature looks promising because apart from its basic service, smart charging also has a few other offers that should interest many electric car owners. For example, charging stations are being built in different places in order to reach as many EV drivers as possible. There’s also a short waiting time for those in need of charging and a functionality that will allow you to book a charging session in advance by using your smartphone. Through all of these advancements though, you also need to look after your electric car, and one way of doing this is by having your EV inspected by reputable car repair companies.



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