What Are Instant Play Casinos?

If you have played real money casinos games recently, chances are you did it through an instant play casino.

These gambling sites are the future of the industry. But what are they? How do they work?

An instant play casino is a gambling website that lets you play slots and table games without downloading software.

Instant play casino sites became popular after the launch of HTML5 programming language in 2014.

Before then, you needed Adobe Flash to download casino games before you could play them. Adobe Flash was later discontinued, giving more prominence to instant play casinos.

How do Instant Casinos Work?

Instant casinos are pretty straightforward. You identify a site with your favorite gambling games. Next, you register an account using your email address.

If the casino has no deposit bonuses, you can use them to get a sneak peek of the site.

Otherwise, you need to add funds to your account to gamble for real cash.

With money in your account, you can play any number of games at the site. There’s no need to download games. You click play, set your betting limits and enjoy your game.

Five years ago, instant play casinos mainly worked through desktop computers.

If you wanted to play poker or blackjack on your smartphone, you had to install an app.

Today, instant play casinos also function on mobile browsers.

This means you no longer need to fill your storage space with betting apps. You can wager on card games through a mobile casino site.

What are the Benefits of Instant Play Casinos?

Instant play casinos are getting popular. But are they better than download casinos? Yes, they are. Here’s how:

The biggest benefit of instant play casinos is that you get to play casino games immediately you create an account.

In the era of download casinos, you had to wait for 10 to 60 minutes for software to download before you could play.

Instant access to games is not only time-saving, but it’s also convenient. It assures you that you can bet on blackjack immediately you want to challenge dealers in a game of 21.

Instant play games also help you choose games easily.

If you had to download software before betting, you’re likely to play the first games your PC downloads. But if you have access to 1000 games on the go, you can play any of them.

After the first instant play casino came out in 2015, nearly all developers embraced HTML5.

Within a few years, it was impossible to find download casinos. After Adobe Flash ended, almost all developers switched to instant play casinos.

When you think about it, no download casinos are also beneficious to operators. HTML5 is one of the easy programming languages out there. So, it’s easy to find qualified developers to create a neat website.

If you visit any instant play casino in 2022, the first thing you will notice is the sheer number of diverse games.

If you love slots, you can play up to 1000 slots from the top developers: NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, BTG, Playtech and Plan’ GO, to name some.

People who love table games are not left out either. The best gambling sites in 2022 have a plethora of table games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps.

During the days of download casinos, the most popular way of playing table games involved RNG software.

Nowadays, there’s a better way to enjoy poker and blackjack: live dealer casinos.

Live dealer gaming utilizes software and video camera streams to bring players together.

You can see and interact with your opponents. You can bluff in poker and trade jokes while playing craps. It’s fun and resembles a real casino.

When you download games to your PC, there are not many options for securing them.

Your desktop could crash, and thus, lead to the loss of games. It could also become infected with a virus.

Or someone close to you could get hold of your account.

No download casinos prevent some of the problems shared above in several ways. No one has to access your password unless you save it on your browser. Also, the fact that you don’t need to download games means no one can find out whether you gamble online.

  • Compatible with Multiple Devices

One of the reasons casinos switched to HTML5 is that it does not discriminate between devices.

You might have an android smartphone. Maybe you use an iPhone or Linux PC.

If your device has a working browser and access to the Internet, you can play instant play casinos.

This is much more cost-effective for casinos compared to building casino sites and apps for multiple devices.

This is particularly important for mobile gaming. In the past, casinos were at the mercies of play stores.

If a site created an app for android and Google banned betting apps, the casino would lose its mobile customers.

Now, casinos don’t even have to avail their apps to play stores.

They are not impacted by changes made by Google or Apple play stores. As players, you also don’t have to worry that your favorite app is not available on play stores.

Compared to download casinos, instant play websites are pretty neat and user-friendly.

It’s probably because web design has improved drastically in the past few years.

Still, it’s difficult to find a professionally designed casino site and hate it.

The graphics are usually clear. The color schemes are attractive while the interface is designed for easy navigation. Most sites also have filters to help you find specific games or payment options.


When HTML5 launched in 2014, it changed how developers create websites for good.

Nowadays, casinos no longer create games you have to download before you play them.

If you want to gamble online, all you need is an account at a reliable casino site. That way, you can bet on slots or table games at your convenience.

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