V Rising: How to Get Stone Bricks

Stone bricks in V Rising are a crafting material you’ll need to build your castle. You start with wood palisades, but it’s not until you’re able to craft stone bricks that you can make a proper home for yourself. However, getting the Whetstones needed to construct the Grinder required to make stone bricks will be challenging.

How to get stone bricks in V Rising

V Rising Craft Stone Bricks

In theory, getting stone bricks in V Rising is easy. You have to build a Grinder, which you can use to refine stone. Insert 12 units of stone into the Grinder, and you’ll get one stone brick and one stone dust. The real trick is obtaining the material needed to build the Grinder.

To build a Grinder in V Rising, you need:

  • 8 Planks
  • 4 Whetstones
  • 4 Copper Ingots

The planks are easy enough to get, and you’ll find out how to craft them as part of a quest. Getting Copper Ingots is a bit tougher. To obtain the copper ore needed to produce copper ingots, you’ll need to upgrade your Bone Mace into a Reinforced Bone Mace. Then, you’ll have to mine copper ore from deposits and put them into a Smelter.

Finding the Whetstones is the most challenging part. You can raid bandit camps and find them with some luck, but they’re fairly rare. Instead, like with the Tannery, you’ll probably have to find the recipe to craft them yourself.

The Whetstone recipe is obtained by defeating Grayson the Armorer. You can track him from the Blood Altar immediately after building one, but at level 27, he’s probably the toughest foe you’ve faced at this point in the game. However, if you can best him and absorb his V Blood, you’ll obtain the ability to craft Whetstone at the Smelter (which can also be used to upgrade your Castle Heart).

The recipe for Whetstone is:

  • 1 copper ingot
  • 12 stone dust

Now, build your Grinder and get to producing those stone bricks!

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