V Rising Get Leather: How to Unlock Tannery

Getting leather in V Rising is essential early on for crafting and upgrades to your Castle Heart. Unfortunately, the Tannery needed to produce it isn’t one of the default buildings you can construct. Unfortunately, when you hit a mission objective that you need leather for, the game doesn’t tell you what you need to do to get it.

How to get leather in V Rising

V Rising Tannery

There are two ways to get leather in V Rising:

  • Loot leather from enemies and camps
  • Craft leather

Loot leather from enemies

Plenty of human enemies drop leather when they’re defeated. You can also find it by busting open crates and barrels found in bandit camps. The Bandit Trapper Camp, in particular, tends to yield more leather than average from containers and enemy drops.

Craft leather

To craft leather, you’ll need to gain access to the Tannery. We’ll cover how to do that below.

How to unlock the Tannery

V Rising Keely Unlock Tannery

To unlock the Tannery in V Rising, you’ll need to defeat a particular boss. Absorbing the blood of Keely the Frost Archer will grant you the ability to construct a Tannery, but first, you’ll have to find her.

The easiest way to find Keely is to play through the tutorial until it instructs you to build a Blood Altar. It’ll show you all the V Blood carriers in your level range. Keely is level 20, so you should immediately be able to track her blood.

Once you set Keely as your target, you can follow her blood trail all the way to the Bandit Trapper Camp. Luckily she’s not too challenging, and you should be able to take her down at this point in the game.

After absorbing Keely’s V Blood, you can return to your castle and build a Tannery. Now, you can craft leather by placing animal hides inside it at a ratio of 16:1.

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