Twitch Announces A Special Sub-Event For September

(CTN News) – As one of the leading streaming platforms, Twitch offers plenty of promotions to attract viewers. Free games with exclusive Prime content are available to Amazon Prime members.

Twitch streaming Launches.

Twitch offers discounts on streamer subscriptions, encouraging fans to support their favorite creators. Next month,  launches September.

This year, Lenovo Legion is sponsoring a subscription discount event. Subscriptions to will receive a 20% discount, and longer subscriptions will receive a bigger discount.

There will be a 25% discount on three-month subscriptions on September 1.

Discounts apply not only to new subscriptions, but also to upgrades. Amazon Prime subscriptions can be upgraded or donated to friends or other chat users to receive discounts on to stream on twitch.

How to stream on twitch.

On channels, the promotional price reduction applies to Tier 2 and Tier 3 upgrades. Twitch will still pay streamers the full subscription price even if there is a discount.

Streaming platform has hosted month-long promotions before. In September since launched its SUBtember program in 2017, Twitch subscription rates have been reduced.

Due to the growing popularity of sub-atons on recent years, this promotion is being conducted. New subscribers are regularly added to streams.

Twitch has launched its newest sub-theme promotion to attract more authors. Twitch recently canceled its long-standing exclusivity for partners, allowing them to broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites.

A recent addition to quality-of-life features is the ability to share lists of blocked users and lower payout thresholds, providing fans with the opportunity to support their favorite talents at a discounted price.

How much funding has Twitch raised to date?

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