Top 50 Blogging Stats That You Must Know

 This article is definitely for you if your entire life revolves around blogging and you’re constantly curious to learn more about it.

 As per the experts of CollegeVidya – “Knowing statistics enables you to collect data in the right ways, conduct accurate analyses, and effectively communicate the findings.”

 So, let’s get started with the top 50 statistics shared by us that will undoubtedly benefit you as a blogger.

 1. The number of blogs globally exceeded 600 million.

 2.The first major personal blogger started in 1994.

 3.89% of B2B marketers used blogs in 2020.

 4.34% of bloggers have been blogging for less than one year.

 5.60% of bloggers write at least one guest post for other blogs.

 6.There are 496.1 million blogs on Tumblr.

 7.Marketers who blog are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI.

 8.Websites with blogs have up to 97% more inbound links than sites without blogs.

 9.Websites that contain blogs get on average 434% more indexed pages.

 10.Businesses that maintain blogs get up to 55% more visitors.

 11.Long-form blog posts generated by AI writing tools gets 9x more leads than short-form ones.

 12.38% of total blog traffic comes from compounding blog posts.

 13.60% of internet users read blogs.

 14.70% of consumers prefer learning about a company from a blog post to an ad.

 15.33% of people would read a blog that teaches them how to do something new.

 16.61% of U.S. consumers have purchased something after reading a recommendation on a blog.

 17.The average person spends 37 seconds reading a blog post.

 18.The ideal reading time for a blog post is 7 minutes.

 19.59% of 55-year-olds would want to see more news-type posts in the future.

 20.The most popular time for reading blogs is between 7 am and 1 pm EST on weekdays, and between 9 am and 10 am EST on weekends.

 21.Given both options, 72% of readers would rather watch a video than reading text.

 22.The average length of a blog post is now 1,416 words.

 23.The optimal length for a blog post is 2,250 – 2,500 words.

 24.Blogs with 1,000-2,000 words are more likely to perform better.

 25.The average time spent on writing a post is increasing by the year.

 26.Only 29% of bloggers are always using analytics to check their content performance.

 27.The perfect blog headline should be 6-13 words long.

 28.Headlines with a question mark tend to attract 23.3% more shares.

 29.Bloggers that publish frequently see better results.

 30.90% of bloggers include images in their posts.

 31.Influencer outreach is the most effective blogger promotional activity.

 32.SEO isn’t the top priority for bloggers.

 33.Search traffic is the most important for 71% of bloggers.

 34.As of 2021, 71% of bloggers are refurbishing old content.

 35.WordPress powers 42.9% of the internet.

 36.WordPress blogs get over 20 billion page views every month.

 37.Each month, there are approximately 70 million posts and 77 million new comments on WordPress.

 38.There are almost 32 million bloggers in the US.

 39.2/3 of people’s main reason for blogging is income.

 40.70% of bloggers make no money whatsoever from their websites.

 41.Bloggers earning $50,000 a year are more likely to sell their products or services.

 42.High-income bloggers are 5x more likely to have a podcast than those that earn less than $50,000 a year.

 43.70% of bloggers with $50,000+ income are active/very active promoters of their blog.

 44.Most bloggers are in the 25-44 age group.

 45.Former blogger Bill Simmons earns an estimated $15 million per year.

 46.Arriana Huffington earns an estimated $250 million per year.

 47.Rand Fishkin’s Moz makes $35 million a year.

 48.Travel bloggers charge on average $200 per sponsored post.

 49.Blogger Mark Manson’s books sold over 13 million copies.

 50.Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.


 1.What are good blog stats?

A – Monthly, people create 77 million new blog comments. WordPress websites are written in English in 71% of cases. A blog post typically takes 3.5 hours to compose. Bloggers who produce posts of 2,000 words or more are much more likely to get positive outcomes.

 2.What is the success rate of blogging?

A – 38 percent of bloggers report success, which is significantly more than the norm of 30%.

 3.Why do most bloggers fail?

A – You aren’t producing interesting stuff. Bloggers often fail because they don’t provide captivating, excellent-quality content. Great content is the absolute minimum wager to enter the fray given the volume of content being produced.

 4.How many views is good for a blog?

A – You should be blogging full-time (i.e., making more than $3,500 per month from your blog) if you receive more than 100,000 pageviews per month (total pageviews, not unique pageviews) on your blog. This does not imply that you will receive payment the moment you pass the 100,000 pageviews per month threshold.

Summing up!

 As a result of all these statistics about blogging, we are firmly convinced that it is the best hobby one can choose to advance their careers and achieve success and can improve your networth.

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