Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr’s Daughter: Who Is She and Is She in the Comics?

Thor: Love and Thunder features Gorr’s daughter, who plays a pivotal role in the movie that many viewers won’t be expecting. For those wondering “Who is she?” and if she’s in the Marvel comics, here’s the full spoiler-filled explainer.

Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr’s Daughter

Who is Gorr’s daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Gorr’s daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder is Love, a new character especially for the movie.

Unlike the comics, where Gorr has a son, the new Thor movie spun it a different way and gave him a daughter. Not only is this the daughter of Gorr, but she is also the daughter of Eternity, after the superpowerful entity brought her back from the dead, imbued with powers of her own.

Is Love in the Marvel comics or a totally new character?

Love is not in the Marvel comics and is totally new for the Thor: Love and Thunder movie.

It’s a big surprise that the “Love” in the movie’s title refers to Gorr’s daughter.

Will Love return in another Marvel movie or TV show?

It’s very likely that Love will return in another Marvel movie or TV show.

Revealed at the end of the movie, Love and Thor are teaming up in battle. Love wields Stormbreaker and demonstrates purple powers like shooting beams from her eyes.

Whether Marvel will bring the character back sooner or later is currently unknown. The actress is young, so there is certainly room for a big break before bringing Love back as a teenage superhero.

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