Thor: Love and Thunder Gay Characters: Are Korg and Valkyrie LGBTQIA+?

It’s been confirmed that there are gay characters in Thor: Love and Thunder, but who exactly are they? Here’s a breakdown of which characters are gay and how much LGBTQIA+ representation there is in the new Thor 4 movie. This includes details on Korg and Valkyrie.

Which characters are gay in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Is Korg gay in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Korg is confirmed to be gay in Thor: Love and Thunder.

At the end of the film, it’s revealed that he and his partner, Dwayne, pair up to have a baby. They do this by holding hands over a molten pool for a month. After the month, a new Kronan is born between their hands.

All Kronans are born male, Korg also confirms.

Is Valkyrie gay in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Valkyrie is bisexual in Thor: Love and Thunder.

As confirmed by actress Tessa Thompson, her character is bisexual and this fact is alluded to multiple times in Thor: Love and Thunder. One example is when her past girlfriend is mentioned in a discussion with her and Korg.

Valkyrie can also be seen being flirtatious with Jane Foster, confirming to Thor that she is on “Team Jane,” which could be read as Valkyrie finding Jane attractive.

Of course, there may be many other LGBTQIA+ characters featured in the movie, but they are not explicitly acknowledged in the way that Korg and Valkyrie are.

After Natalie Portman described the new Thor movie as “so gay,” it’s understandable why many people are watching out for examples of representation in the new Marvel movie.

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