The Saints Row Reboot Ditches Its Predecessor’s Over-The-Top Elements

(CTN News) – Almost nine years have passed since The Saints Row IV was released, which pitted the 3rd Street Saints against an alien invasion that featured superpowers, time travel, Matrix-style simulations, and the destruction of Earth.

After playing such a ridiculous and outlandish game, what do you do? The reboot of The Saints Row after a period of absence makes sense, and Deep Silver Volition has done exactly that with this updated, stripped-back game.

Even though it isn’t “realistic” by any stretch of the imagination, it is more grounded. There aren’t many modern trappings associated with open-world games, however.

While The Saints Row differs from its past few entries in terms of bombast;

this closely resembles one from the same era. Due to this, the experience often feels stale and outdated. The approach The Saints Row IV takes to freedom around character identity and gender isn’t something you criticize. In the rebooted Saints Row, this has carried over.

You can design pretty much any character you want using the character creator. You can choose from a variety of prosthetic options, several types of vitiligo, a number of sliders for body options that eliminate binary gender selection, six distinct voices, and the ability to create an asymmetrical face.

It is also possible to go back into the character creator at any time and change your entire appearance. While it may seem inconsequential, Saints Row’s emphasis on inclusivity is evident in this feature.

The eccentric customization options allow you to create a character that represents you. It is possible, for example, to make a creation with glowing red hair, demonic eyes, and metal skin. To give you an idea of how exhaustive the process is, some fairly accurate recreations of Shrek have already been shared.

Your ideal gang boss is built, then you are dropped into a story centered around four young friends living in a dingy apartment. The purpose of their crimes is to make rent.

While taking a satirical swipe at toxic corporate culture in its opening hours, The Saints Row adopts an anti-capitalist stance and touches on some socially conscious issues. In allusion to these issues, the cast comes across as somewhat relatable.

However it doesn’t take long for them to build their own criminal empires. Rather than addressing these topics, you take on more outlandish pursuits.

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