The Orville Season 4 Release Date Rumors: Will New Horizons Get Canceled or Renewed?

Fans are wondering if The Orville Season 4 is in the works. The third season has finally premiered, which is surprising because it’s always felt like it’s been on the chopping block since the series debuted. Viewers hoped that Hulu would be a better home for it than Fox, but we’re left to wonder whether The Orville: New Horizons will be canceled or renewed.

Will there be a The Orville Season 4, or will it be canceled?

As of writing, The Orville hasn’t been renewed for a fourth season. However, that’s not terribly worrisome. The show wasn’t renewed for a second season until near the end of the first season’s airing, and we didn’t find out there’d be a third until after the second had aired in its entirety. So it’s possible that if New Horizons performs well on Hulu (and Disney Plus internationally) that a fourth season will be made.

Unfortunately, it might have been COVID-19 that killed The Orville as opposed to bad ratings. The show hit its stride in its second season, but a three-year delay between that one and the third definitely caused it to lose momentum. According to Deadline, the cast of the series was released from their contracts in August 2021, which will make gathering them again for a fourth season difficult. Series executive producer David Goodman stated in an interview with TrekMovie that the show is absolutely not canceled. Still, his comments also didn’t seem to indicate that The Orville Season 4 was in pre-production in any way.

So, The Orville isn’t canceled, but the odds aren’t looking great for a fourth season. It’s entirely possible that the series will just end. If we do get more New Horizons, it’ll likely be a few years down the road. Unfortunately, fate just hasn’t treated this series kindly.

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