The Boys Season 3 Release Date and Time on Amazon Prime Video

The Boys season 3 is only a few days away from its official release on Amazon Prime Video. As fans got a glimpse of Jensen Ackles’s Soldier Boy in the show’s official trailer, they want to see what else the new season has in store. So, when do we get to see the episodes of the anticipated show’s new season? Here’s the release schedule for the premiere episodes of season 3.

What time and date does The Boys Season 3 come out?

the boys season 3 release date time amazon prime video 2

The first three episodes of The Boys season 3 will come out on Amazon Prime on June 2 in the US and June 3 in the UK. After that, the remaining episodes will be released every Friday until the show reaches its finale on July 8. The release time may vary depending on your time zone. So, here are the timings for the first three episodes that you must follow if you don’t want to miss the premiere:

  • Pacific Time: 5 PM (June 2)
  • Central Time: 7 PM (June 2)
  • Eastern Time: 8 PM (June 2)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 12 AM (June 3)

The Boys season 2 concluded with some shocking revelations about Stormfront. Fans learned that she was a Nazi and was also the wife of Vought International’s founder. Now, in the upcoming season, we can expect to see more about the origins of Vought.

The official trailer shows Butcher getting superpowers, so it would be interesting to see him going head to head against Homelander. Also, the new entry, Soldier Boy, got a lot of attention from fans worldwide. The character has a weird story angle in the comic, which sees the original Soldier Boy dying, and then the character’s title is used by different characters from time to time. As of now, we don’t have a clear picture of the Soldier Boy’s origin story in the live-action. However, there’s a chance the show creators will go with a different origin story for the character’s live-action version.

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