The Boys Season 3: Is Billy Butcher Dying from Compound V24?

William Butcher has gone to great lengths in his mission to kill Homelander, but fans are wondering if he’s dying at the end of The Boys Season 3. He’s hospitalized in the last episode, and things look dire, but what does it mean? We’ll take a look at whether Billy Butcher is going to die or if he’ll live through his latest conundrum.

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Is Butcher dying at the end of The Boys Season 3?

The Boys Season 3 is Butcher dying V24

At the end of The Boys Season 3, Butcher learns that he’s dying. Temp V causes brain lesions, and after his sixth dose, Butcher is given 12-18 months to live. Presumably, if he takes further doses of Compound V24, he’ll speed up his demise if it doesn’t kill him outright. So, he doesn’t have much time to take out Homelander and save his son.

However, there is a way that Butcher could survive. Suppose he injected himself with regular Compound V. In that case, it’s possible that he might manifest the healing power that is relatively common amongst stronger superheroes. If that’s the case, he could heal the brain lesions and continue living.

There’s a strong possibility, though, that even if he got the chance to inject Compound V to save himself that Butcher would refuse. He hates supes and only begrudgingly uses the Temp V. Whereas Hughie enjoys the high of having superpowers, Butcher doesn’t seem to enjoy it.

Despite his aversion to Compound V, two things might convince him to inject it:

  • Saving his son.
  • The possibility of killing Homelander.

Butcher’s vow to Rebecca to protect Ryan and care for him still means a lot to him. Even though he hates supes, he might become one if he has to keep his word to her. Additionally, he hates Homelander enough to give pretty much anything to get the opportunity to kill him.

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