The 4 Best Air Purifier Reviews for clean Air

Best overall air purifier
Excellent choice for allergy relief

High screening capabilities
Compared to other purifiers, it gets rids of most of the germs, dust particles, and allergens in the air. It also kills airborne viruses in the air and reduces organic compounds.


It is efficient and improves the air quality as soon as you plug in removing up to 0.3 microns of allergens in the air. The purifier is durable, and even after years of use, it still runs without a glitch.


The purifier requires regularly changing of the filter, which is rather costly. You have to change the filter every three months; otherwise, the cleanser will not work efficiently.
Best choice for people with asthma
Ideal for clearing odors

Excellent carbon pre-filter
Asthma symptoms get worse on exposure to chemical pollutants or strong smell. Honeywell 50250-S has a carbon pre-filter that gets rids of large particles, allergens, and bad smells present in the air.


The purifier has three cleansing levels. Therefore, it removes most of the dust, smoke, and pet dander in the air. It works without producing loud noise and stands the test of time.


Sometimes the engine burns up, causing a foul smell. It is annoying if you have only used it for a short time.
The best purifier for smoke
Perfect for removing smoke fumes

Excellent in screening smoke vapor
The LEVOIT air purifier is specifically designed to get rid of smoke and other harmful pollutants in the air. It purifies the air fast and removes any smells.


The LEVOIT purifier produces minimal noise. Therefore, it won’t disturb your sleep if you put it in the bedroom. It is efficient filtering out any smoke and unwanted smells rapidly.


It only cleans the air in one room. It will not be useful if you use it to filter multiple rooms.
Best choice for those who have asthma
Produces ozone-free air

Outstanding screening capabilities
Levoit H-132 ensures the air is ozone-free, making it ideal for children and people with asthma. Unlike most brands, which use UVC light and Anion end up producing ozone during the filtration process.


It has a robust filtration system, which clears any pollutants, allergens, and odors in the air. It is useful when you are cleaning the table after dinner. It removes any smells and also has a lighting feature, which provides a warm ambiance in a room.


When you increase the speed level to three, the noise is annoying.

Shopping Guide and Advisor

What attributes matter when choosing the best air purifier?

Type of Filter

A filter is the most significant part of an air purifier. Therefore, when looking for an air cleaner, ensure you pick a high-quality filter. HEPA is the most common filter, which removes dust and pollutants of up to 0.3 microns. While it works in eliminating allergens, it does not remove strong smells. You will need an activated carbon filter for that. Reading air purifier reviews and doing analysis will help you get an excellent purifier.


Certification ensures a high-performance standard. When looking into certification for air purifiers, you should consider the AHAM and the China certifications. Any model with certification has undergone inspection and a test run. You can read the air purifier reviews to confirm this.


An Air purifier’s performance is measured by the CADR (clean air delivery rate), ACH (air changes per hour), and the size of the room it can purify. A tested purifier should filter the air in a place several times in an hour. It ensures a fresh supply of air at all times.

How does an air purifier work?

An air purifier has internal fans that pull in the interior air and runs it through several filters. The dust particles, pet dander, hairs, smoke, and other allergens are trapped in the filter. The clean air flows into the room. The process repeats every few minutes to ensure the air in the house is always fresh.

Best Air Purifier Prices


A costly air purifier will cost you over $400. With that amount of money, you get an advanced air cleanser with multiple purification stages. Some include a customized filter and an ion generator. Besides, it purifies extensive square footage, and you can customize the front panel.


A purifier costing between $100 and $400 has excellent purification capabilities. The filters are HEPA and carbon filters, which can remove dust, allergens, and get rid of smells.


You can get a good air cleaner for less than $100. While affordable purifiers have high-performance capabilities, they cover small square footage. Also, you have to change the filters regularly. Before buying, carry out a comparison between the numerous purifiers in the market by reading air purifier reviews online.


What size of air purifier do I need?

When weighing the appropriate size of purifier to buy, measure the size of the room you want to purify. With the estimated square footage, find a suitable air cleaner.

How much maintenance does the purifier need?

You need to replace the filter according to the instructions of a manufacturer. However, you can find purifiers with permanent filters.

Where should I put the air purifier?

Since most purifiers clean one room at a time, put it where you spend most of your time. Alternatively, you can include portability features for the best results.

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