Thailand Ranks Among The Top 10 Cryptocurrency Users Around The World

While India had more than 100 million cryptocurrency owners, but only 7.30% of its population, the United States topped the globe with exactly 27.49 million cryptocurrency owners, accounting for 8.31 percent of its population.

Similarly, the US had 33,212 bitcoin ATMs compared to just two in India.

Merchant Machine ranked Thailand fifth overall with 3.62 million owners, accounting for 5.20 percent of its population.

Even though Thailand had more crypto owners – 5.96 million – and a higher 6.12 percent population, it was ranked ahead of Vietnam, at 9th.

Investing in digital currencies has grown in popularity over the past few years, as more and more people choose to do so, according to Merchant Machine.

Globally, there are estimated to be 300 million crypto users as of 2021.

The top 10 cryptocurrency users, according to Merchant Machine, are:

1. US (27.49 million owners, accounting for 8.31% of population)

2. Ukraine (5.56 million, accounting for 12.73% of population)

3. UK (3.36 million, accounting for 4.95% of population)

4. India (100.74 million, accounting for 7.30% of population)

5. Thailand (3.62 million, accounting for 5.20% of population)

6. Russia (17.37 million, accounting for 11.91% of population)

7. France (2.17 million, accounting for 3.34% of population)

8. Netherlands (521,404, accounting for 3.04% of population)

9. Vietnam (5.96 million, accounting for 6.12% of population)

10. Colombia (3.12 million, accounting for 6.14% of population).

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