Stray: Where is the Blanket for Elliot and How Do You Find Its Location?

Stray requires you to get a blanket for Elliot to keep him warm, with the robot computer whizz informing you that he’s too cold to be able to fix your Tracker. As the Tracker is required to progress through the game, your cat will need to head out and find the blanket. So where is it?

How to find the blanket for Elliot in Stray

stray where is find blanket elliot

The blanket for Elliot is actually a poncho, which can be obtained from Grandma in exchange for an Electric Cable. This Electric Cable can be taken from the Barterman, though you will also need to do some digging in order to get your hands on this item.

You’ll first need to head to the laundromat. The laundromat is where Kosmo is outside cleaning the floor, after the robots on the rooftop dropped white paint all over it during your mission to find the four notebooks. Go past Kosmo into the laundromat and pick up the super detergent from the side. This is needed by the Barterman.

Head down to the Barterman, sitting on the floor along one of the side streets — he will be signposted on one of the signs located around the city. The Barterman requires the super detergent in exchange for the Electric Cable. Give him the detergent, get the Cable, and go to Grandma whose little shop will again be signposted.

Get the poncho from Grandma, then return back to Elliot. Even though he specifies a blanket, he’ll be just as happy with the poncho, and from there he’ll be able to get the Tracker working. You know they say — a warm robot is a happy one. (No one says that, but in this case, it’s the truth.)

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