Strange Things Season 4: Did Eddie Really Die?

One of the big shocks of Stranger Things Season 4 was the death of Eddie Munson. While fighting Vecna’s bats, he was mortally wounded and appeared to die in Dustin’s arms. However, since he was killed in the Upside Down, some fans question whether he’s really gone or not.

Did Eddie really die in Stranger Things Season 4?

Stranger Things Eddie Dead

Unfortunately, it does seem as though Eddie really did die in Stranger Things Season 4. Despite fans hoping that him dying in the Upside Down would somehow allow him to be revived. However, although it’s been somewhat rare, we’ve seen people die in the Upside Down before. There’s no precedent for anyone being revived after dying there. The Demogorgon killed Nancy’s best friend Barbara in the Upside Down, and she’s stayed very dead for almost the entire show.

Eddie’s death is part of his character arc, so it would cheapen things if he returned. He carried a lot of guilt for running when Vecna was killing Chrissy. However, he overcame his fear and stood his ground during the fight with the bats to absolve himself. He gave his life to prevent them from entering the real world through the gate in the trailer and bought the other groups time to complete their objectives.

It’s always possible we’ll see Eddie return in Stranger Things Season 5. However, it’s more likely that his sacrifice will inspire the group to end the fight once and for all. Eddie’s last stand propelled him into hero status, especially in Dustin’s eyes.

Unfortunately, only the main cast and Eddie’s uncle will know about his heroics. The rest of the town still thinks he killed Chrissy, and if he somehow came back from the dead and returned to the real Hawkins, he’d likely be arrested for her murder. Either way, it’ll be a while before we find out if Eddie stays dead since the fifth season is years away.

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