Spotify Announces Shuffle And Play Buttons For Premium Subscribers

(CTN News) – Users can now listen to their favorite tracks in a more convenient way with Spotify’s new buttons.

Previously, the platform played albums and playlists in shuffle mode, which listeners didn’t like.

With the removal of the auto shuffle button and the introduction of the Play + Shuffle button, the platform now adds two different buttons for listeners.

Spotify to get a different play and shuffle button

Adding to it, Spotify mentions that it’s “making it even clearer and simpler for listeners by segregating the Shuffly and Play Buttons for Spotify Premium users.”

The music streaming platform says “Music – and how you listen to it – should be yours to control.”

Users can choose the mode they prefer at the top of playlists and albums.

Whether users prefer listening to music on Shuffle mode or in order by pressing Play, Spotify has it covered.

Over the coming weeks, Spotify Shuffle and Play buttons will be available on iOS and Android. Spotify free users will not be able to use the new buttons.

Recently, Jungkook and Charlie Puth collaborated on the much-loved track Left and Right, released on June 24.

Ever since it was released, the song has broken records on global charts. Jungkook‘s track recently crossed 100 million streams on Spotify, a new record.

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