Should I Buy Apple Macbook M2 or Wait for M3?

With the Apple Macbook Air and Pro M2 versions now available, many tech enthusiasts are no doubt wondering whether or not to upgrade. While the M2 boasts a significant performance boost in single-core performance over the M1, with the same impressive level of efficiency, it can be a tempting purchase. However, should you buy an M2 Macbook now or wait for the inevitable M3 release?

Should I wait for the Apple Macbook M3?

Should I Buy Apple Macbook M2

For users who own a laptop that is currently underperforming, broken, or in desperate need of upgrading, then buying an Apple Macbook M2 would be the obvious answer, especially if your current system is older tech.

Those who are better off buying an Apple Macbook M2 now and not waiting for the M3 are people who desperately need a new laptop. Whether the current laptop just isn’t up to modern tasks like video editing and rendering, or it is physically damaged and just about holding on, an upgrade to an M2 Macbook could make the most sense.

Sure, waiting for M3 will likely result in buying a laptop with better performance and efficiency but, at the time of writing, it’s going to be a relatively long while before Apple reveals the M3. After all, it has only just revealed the M2 and is likely going to roll out the Pro, Max, and Ultra versions before the M3 is even talked about.

Though, if your current laptop is in perfect working order, and the upgraded technology isn’t something that is a requirement, sticking with your old faithful could save you some money. If the improvements of the M2 over the M1 aren’t impressive enough for you, then waiting is a solid option, so long as you can afford to stick with the system you are currently using for work and/or play.

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