Should I Buy an iPhone 13 in July 2022 or Wait for iPhone 14?

Unless you’re buying during the first few months after launch, it can be tough to know whether to buy the latest iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, or whether to wait for the new iPhone 14 or 14 Pro. The longer you leave it, the closer the next version is to releasing, making it tougher to buy now instead of waiting for the new release. Thankfully, there are a few ways of working out whether you should buy an iPhone 13 in July 2022 or wait for the iPhone 14.

Should you buy an iPhone 13 in July 2022?

Those who should buy an iPhone 13 in July 2022 are people who desperately need a new device, to replace one that is broken or unusable, or those who have spotted a great deal.

As the iPhone 13 gets older, carriers become more desperate to shift stock before the next big release. This can lead to some sizeable discounts, especially in these months leading up to September (which is when new iPhones tend to release).

Unless you’ve got your heart set on the latest and greatest hardware, no matter the cost, an iPhone 13 could still be a good buy, especially if there’s a fantastic deal on it and/or you’re in desperate need of a new handset.

Should I wait for the iPhone 14?

Those who should wait for the iPhone 14 are folks who aren’t in any desperate need to upgrade and are already using a perfectly serviceable device.

For those who can hold out for just a couple more months, the iPhone 14’s September reveal could be well worth waiting for. While the differences between the 13 and 14 are rumored to be fairly iterative and therefore not as groundbreaking as some might hope, the latest Apple tech always has a kind of allure about it.

Of course, waiting for the iPhone 14 also allows potential buyers to still opt for the iPhone 13 at a new discount. Waiting for the latest iPhone doesn’t mean you have to buy it and it can open up new deals on older models.

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