Sea of Thieves: How to Name Your Ship

After a long season 6, the season 7 update for Sea of Thieves has been highly anticipated over the last couple of weeks. This “Captaincy Update” introduces a number of significant features, including the ability to change the ship name. At the time of writing, however, many players are wondering how to change the ship name, given that the feature was originally supposed to be released during a July update.

How to change the name of the ship in Sea of Thieves

To change the name of a ship in Sea of Thieves, players must first wait for the season 7 update to drop. Once the patch is downloaded and installed, they will find the “Name Your Ship” customization option onboard.

Once the season 7 update is out, GR will provide details instructions on how exactly players can go about naming their ship.

The season 7 update for Sea of Thieves has been delayed until August 4. According to developer Rare, “Things were coming in hotter than we liked and there was a real risk of not delivering to the quality and polish we expect.” Because of this, Rare has pushed back the release date.

Though the delay will frustrate some players, it’s necessary for the additional polish. With more than four years since the Sea of Thieves launch, what will it hurt waiting just a couple more weeks?

Not long after the delay, Rare will also be introducing their latest adventure, A Hunter’s Cry, which will go live on August 18. So it’s August, not July, which is going to be a big month for SoT. There isn’t long to go!

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