Samsung;Data Breach Has Ensnared US Customers

(CTN News) _ Samsung’s US systems have been compromised by a hacker who may have stolen customer information.

Samsung alerted affected consumers via email on Friday about the July breach.

According to the company, personal information of certain customers was compromised on or around August 4, 2022.

While details are scarce, the company indicates that in some cases, the breach may have affected customer information, including “names, contact information, demographic information, dates of birth, and product registration information.”

Depending on the relevant customer, the information may vary. This matter is being communicated to customers,” the company adds.

Neither Social Security numbers nor credit card information, nor consumer devices, were stolen.

Email sent to affected Samsung customers by Samsung.

According to the FAQ posted on the company’s website, it wasn’t clear how many customers were affected by the problem.
You will be redirected to a new window after clicking on this link.Apparently, if you received an email from Samsung regarding the breach, then you are also affected by it.

Samsung added, “Should we determine through our investigation that further notification is required as a result of the incident, we will contact you accordingly.”

It is possible that Samsung collected the information from product or warranty registrations in order to provide the best experience with its products and services.

Samsung is warning customers to be on guard against phishing emails asking for more personal info.

In these emails, victims could be tricked into installing malware on their computers or exploited for identity theft.

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