Saints Row (2022): Is There a Day One Patch?

With Saints Row (2022) out in a matter of hours, many eager fans are wondering if there will be a launch day patch to help fix reported issues with the game. Reviews went live ahead of the release and many of them spoke of bugs and glitches hindering enjoyment. These issues are not what players want to see on the day of release. Here’s the need-to-know info about a Saints Row (2022) day one patch.

Will Saints Row (2022) get a day one patch?

Yes, Saints Row (2022) will receive a day one patch.

It’s been confirmed to GameRevolution that an update will be ready for the August 23 launch. However, the exact contents of the patch have not yet been revealed.

While we don’t know exactly what the day one patch will contain, the developer has provided a list of “known issues” that are presumably going to be targeted in upcoming patches.

These include:

  • Default camera sensitivity being 51 instead of 40.
  • “Restore to Default” enabling some options that should be disabled by default.
  • Gameplay fixes for the four missions where the player can die during cinematics, a soft crash occurs, and the next part of an objective failing to trigger.
  • The Quickdraw skill does not load ammunition.
  • Several co-op mission issues causing soft crashes.

In the GameRevolution review, I noted the problem with takedown animations occurring far away from the enemy. Unfortunately, this is not included in the list of known issues.

At the time of writing, a Saints Row (2022) day one patch is expected to be rolled out across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One within the next 24 hours. This post will be updated with the latest information, as and when we learn more.

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