Review Of Esports Industry In Thailand

The Esports industry is flourishing rapidly over the past few years. But the gaming world in Thailand has some serious boundaries. To run down the history and facts of the Esports industry in Thailand, keep reading!

A Full Overview of the Esports Industry in Thailand

The gaming industry encircles a variety of revenue streams as well as marketing businesses. The term “Esports” took birth in this industry.

Generally, Esports is a professional gaming world where the players earn their living by showcasing their actual gaming skills. The global gaming market is set to reach a new height within two years.

Also, the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 played a significant hand in the Esports industry’s growth.

Talking about the future of the Esports industry in Thailand, it has nearly 18.3 million gamers. And of course, the Esports industry in Thailand is one of the largest gaming businesses worldwide.

Therefore, start researching the best in this gaming industry and put your bets on them. It’s your time to win a dreamy amount in Esports.

And every native supports online sports betting in Thailand. Therefore, it’s time to play your luck at the right place!

History and General Situation of the Esports Industry

You are wrong if you think Esports came into reality a few years back! The video games industry started building its empire in the early 50s and 60s.

Moreover, the first-ever Esports tournament – “Spacewar!” was written on a PDP-10 computer in 1962.

In this game, two players should fight against each other with a spaceship. Moreover, the in-game spaceship had a limited fuel supply, and you had to fight with it till your last life.

By 2007, “Spacewar!” took the title of one of the most dominant computer games of all time.

The Start of the Gaming Era in the Early 60s

19th October 1972, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford University organized the world’s first-ever Esports tournament – the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics”.

Furthermore, a total of twenty-four players came together and played against each other on that day. But there has to be a winner, and this “winner” was sponsored by the “Rolling Stones” magazine. It wraps up the gaming era of the early 60s!

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The Gaming Era in the Early 70s

The year 1972 arrived with a lot of comebacks. Besides the world’s first-ever tournament, introducing a new game – “Magnavox Odyssey”, brought excitement to the masses. This game can now be connected to the TV and then played.

At first, it felt uncomfortable, but who would have hated a bigger screen? Moreover, arcades were created too.

Therefore, the general public from different corners got the opportunity to compete against each other any time they wanted.

There was a game named “Sea Wolf”, which came with a unique feature in 1976. It showed an endless list of high scores, which blew everybody’s mind.

A Permanent List of High Scores in the Early 80s

The year 1979 brought two innovations. The “Asteroids” and the “Starfire” were the first two machines that allowed the gamers to enroll their name ids and play their own game. However, all the games to date started showcasing an endless list of high scorers.

So whoever scored the most was an immortal in the world of video games. In 1978, Atari founded the world’s first major Esports tournament with Space Invaders as their preference.

Earlier the number of players was twenty-four, but then 10,000 gamers joined the Space Invaders Championship in 1980.

They were fighting on their computers to mark their name in a version of Asteroids. After a long struggle, on 10th October 1980, William Salvador Heinman was awarded the winner.

The Rise of Better Technologies in the Early 90s

Nintendo from the USA was ready with his research regarding Esports and was all set to organize another tournament at the beginning of 1990.

Soon the most awaited “Nintendo World Championships” in the USA, 1990. Do you know? This championship enrolled gamers from three different age categories.

It automatically attracted a lot more attention. The winners were given golden Nintendo gaming modules. This competition had three games – Red Racer, Super Mario Bros, and Tetris.

In 1994, the American GamePro Magazine collaborated with the video store chain Blockbuster Video and hosted a world championship in 1994 for video gamers.

This tournament took place on Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. The games included are – Virtua Racing and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

The 2000s – The Actual Rise in Esports Industry

The developments in South Korea were a turning point in the gaming world! As a result, the first World Cyber Games (WCG) took place in 2000 in Seoul.

Also, the first-ever Electronic Sports World Cup ( ESWC) was held in Poitiers, France, in 2003. Later, Paris welcomed qualified gamers to play there in the grand finale.

Then in 2005, the Cyberathlete Professional League ( CPL) was the first Esports tournament to furnish one million dollars. Painkiller was the game played there.

The Championship Gaming Series in 2007 came with a bang. The whole world came to know about the metaverse of video games. And a new era of Esports started to own the world then.

Evolution of Esports in Thailand

Esports Industry 2022 has officially become a professional sport in Thailand. It means that the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) supports gamers and the concerned organizations.

Well, Esports had not become one of Thailand’s most important sports without effort. The Thailand Esports Federation (TESF) runs regular tournaments, workshops, practices, and seminars, which have taken Esports to a new reach in just a few years.

However, the research says that the future of Esports in 2023 will break records by surpassing the sport’s global revenue of $1.5 billion.

The Thai government is well known for the wind of the Esports industry’s potential, which is why it cooperated with the TESF.

Moreover, the government took some responsibilities like providing sufficient funding for training the gamers, organizing more tournaments, and likewise.

Furthermore, the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sports and SAT introduced a collaboration recently.

They sponsored the Esports in Electronic Sports League (ESL). Also, Thailand flexes one of the most experienced Esports organizations – Made in Thailand (MiTH) Esports. This organization came into the reality of the gaming world in 2007.

Moreover, MiTH has fielded teams in Point Blank, CSGO, StarCraft II, Dota 2, and Heroes of NewEarth. word image 146971 2

However, the involvement of the Thailand government had given a new dimension to the Esports world in Thailand.

Also, it could help Thailand become one of the most important destinations for groups like the Professional Gamers League and ESL to organize their events.

Therefore, the future of the Esports industry in Thailand looks pretty smooth. Don’t wait any longer and start putting your bets.

One of the most shocking breaking news these days is that the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organizing Committee could consider Esports from the upcoming tournaments.

They were in deep discussion with the International Olympic Committee to give Esports a chance to entertain the whole world in the Olympics.

And will motivate the youth to step forward and conquer the world with their gaming skills.

Online Betting on Esports

Online betting on Esports is nothing new. When there is a new sport in the business, the concept of betting comes. Money is just like water.

It goes with the flow and everywhere. The gaming world is a vast industry, and just like that, it includes a lot of marketing businesses too.

This article will highlight the tips and precautions you need to know about online betting in Thailand.

Not every Esports gambling site will allow you to enroll your names. There are specific online betting sites for the residents of Thailand.

Therefore, the following given names are some websites supporting online betting in Thailand.

  • Cybernet – This betting site was registered in 2018 and got a license from Curacao. Moreover, it doesn’t only limit to Esports. Rather, it allows you to try more stuff like gambling, slots, and other sports. The website can translate into ten different languages, which is a turn-on for the customers. Esports betting is more preferred here.
  • 1xBET – This online betting platform is new to the market and shows rapid growth. 400,000 members have faith in this site for Esports betting in Thailand. They also allow you to out chain bets, singles, or system bets on anything related to Esports. It’s time to win a dreamy amount by betting!
  • Bet365 – It was built in 2000. It was then a British Online Gambling Company. Furthermore, it is the most trustworthy online betting platform for Esports in Thailand.
  • 22Bet – Well, here you will get many modern companies promoting betting on Esports. Also, you will get a vast possible choice of markets on electronic sports, as well as a unique reward scheme, convenient payments, and quick withdrawals. Besides everything, loyalty is what they prefer the most.
  • – Unlike other platforms, is focused on Esports betting in Thailand. Moreover, the Esports industry 2022 has brought a huge amount of attraction to online betting. However, on this platform, you can go with easy betting opportunities. Also, it assures you that you will get satisfactory payback on winning.

The Esports Industry in Thailand

As you know, Thailand has occupied first place in Southeast Asia’s Esports and gaming market, along with 32 million gamers. When the Thai government declared Esports as one of their professional sports in the country, it won many names.

And as years passed, along with the new audience, a lot of money came home. People started having faith in its future. And that is where the whole concept of online betting was introduced.

The youth is more drawn to this gaming world. Well, Esports is not only a game of skills but also patience.

The gamers are always trained to have patience on the virtual battlefield during various tournaments as well as championships.

They also go through many physiotherapies in a month to keep their fingers tight on the keyboard while playing.

The virtual world might look like a fantasy, but it takes. A lot to reach a certain position on Esports so that you could play international tournaments and earn a lot. Well, of course, the growth of Esports is outstanding and is still increasing without any resistance.

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Final Words

Responsibilities come with a lot of boundaries too. Similarly, Esports in Thailand has few strict restrictions as well. Well, some limitations are a bit orthodox, just like the mindset of ancient Asian society.

Even though the world has shown a huge comeback through the internet, some Asians still imply Esports as a childish indulgence.

However, people’s attitude towards the gaming industry is improving with its success. Do you have any idea about the average salary of the gamers?

They get almost THB 5 million per year. It is enough of a simple living for an individual!

Author’s Bio – Rebecca Martin

Esports is also at a higher rank if you see it from the financial perspective. The youth have a very flexible mind in every field of life.

They are comfortable with investing their money on things like Esports betting only to win a double or more cashback. But before putting your bets, it is better to look at the expert’s analysis once.

Rebecca Martin is a professional marking faithful bookmarkers for setting stakes on Esports.

If you are here to win, Rebecca Martin’s analysis of the Esports Industry 2022 is all you need in your pocket. Therefore, it’s your time to take Martin’s help on something where she can assure you a win.

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