Raft PS5 and PS4 Release Date: Is It Coming to PlayStation Consoles?

Open-world survival game Raft recently went live with their official release on Steam last month. Naturally, this has console players wondering if a PlayStation release is around the corner. Here is what we know about a Raft PS5 and PS4 release date.

Is Raft releasing on PS5?

There has been no discussion on Raft coming to PlayStation 5.

With other games such as Subnautica, a similar style survival game setting the bar and releasing on PS5, proving that PlayStation 5 can run such a demanding game, there is a possibility that Raft could follow suit.

As with many other indie games that have a small team, releasing on other platforms such as PS5 can take time. Though Raft was in development for PC for over three years, and developer Redbeet Interactive spent a lot of time ironing out any issues and polishing the game to an enjoyable standard, porting a game can take a lot of investment.

Will Raft be released on PS4?

At the time of writing, there has been no confirmation from developer Redbeet Interactive that Raft will be released on PlayStation 4.

With such high demanding physics and elements that may just be too difficult for the PS4 to handle, it’s likely that players may not see Raft available on the PlayStation Store. Although, never say never as we could see a scaled-back version available in the future.

As with many other titles, developers are often open to releasing their games on other platforms in due course. Hopefully, console players will find out soon if Raft will officially be released on PS4 and PS5.

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