Quordle Answer 189: August 1, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle answer 189 for August 1, 2022 has been discovered. Where yesterday’s puzzle had a medium-high difficulty rating, today’s Quordle should be quite easy. There are only two, maybe four, uncommon consonants throughout the solution, so you’ll likely get most of the letters highlighted in green or yellow near the beginning. There isn’t even a single instance of a double letter anywhere. Altogether, this is one of the simplest puzzles we’re seen in a long time. If you really need help, the most difficult word is the one in the lower-left corner, and as a hint, it’s what Amy Winehouse says no to. For the full solution, it’s been placed in a list in the next section.

What is Quordle answer 189? (August 1, 2022)

Quordle Answer 189

The Quordle answer 189 is:

  • “CLOUD”
  • “THORN”
  • “REHAB”
  • “WHITE”

“REHAB” might give you some trouble due to the uncommon “H” and “B” consonants. There aren’t a lot of five-letter words that ends with the “B,” so it may take you a while to work out what the word might end with. That said, following the usual strategy of trying three words at the start of the puzzle that eliminates all of the vowels and most common consonants (like “R,” “S,” “T,” “L,” and “N” just like the bonus round in Wheel of Fortune) will likely get you at least three of the letters in “REHAB.” We’re lucky that one of the words we try includes the “H,” which made getting the “B” rather easy.

The other three words are simple to solve with the same strategy. You’ll likely get “CLOUD” and “THORN” straight away, which will get you the “H” in “WHITE” in the exact same position. This will give you a clue in finding the “W” at the start of the word, completing the puzzle.

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