Quordle Answer 182: July 25, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 182 answer is now solved for July 25, 2022. Today’s puzzle has a mix of obstacles with half of the words being fairly simple and the other half being tricky with a few uncommon consonants. Surprisingly, there are no double letters and there’s a low number of difficult letters, which both lower the overall difficulty. However, the high number of common consonants and vowels throughout the puzzle increases the possibilities for what each word can be, making it hard to unscramble and place where any letters highlighted in yellow actually are. In fact, this is why this puzzle took us all nine rows to solve.

Both the first two words have about the same difficulty, but we’ll go with the one in the top-right corner as being the toughest between the two. For a hint, it describes a type of financial card. The entire solution, if you need it, has been put in the next paragraph.

What is Quordle answer 182? (July 25, 2022)

Quordle Answer 182

The Quordle answer 182 is:

  • “VALUE”
  • “DEBIT”
  • “LOUSY”
  • “GRATE”

The reason why “DEBIT” is challenging is not just because of the “B” consonant right in the middle, but due to the word’s unusual construction. If you follow through with the regular strategy of trying about three words to clear the most common consonants and all the vowels at the beginning, you’ll likely get the “D,” “E,” “I,” and “T.” That may seem like a lot of help, but typically those letters will form the more usual “-ED” or “-IED” suffix, or perhaps the “ITE” fragment somewhere in the word. But none of these are correct.

The other difficult word is “VALUE” primarily from the very rare “V” letter. Similar to “DEBIT,” you’ll get the other four letters, but it can be baffling to place where the three vowels are. On the flip side, “LOUSY” and “GRATE” shouldn’t be hard as the majority of their letters should be found early on. It might take a bit to work out the “G” at the start of “GRATE,” though.

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