Quordle Answer 174: July 17, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 174 answer for July 17, 2022 has been discovered. Today’s puzzle hovers around medium difficulty primarily because of the high number of uncommon to rare letters. There are about eight altogether, much higher than the average of around five in most Quordles. Luckily, several of these letters are repeated, so if you figure out one of them, you’ll also get a few clues in the other words. Each word has two uncommon letters each, making it hard to pinpoint which one is the most challenging. But we’re going to go with the top-right one; for a hint, it has a double consonant which should help reduce the possibilities if you encounter its tricky partial construction. The full solution has been posted in the following section.

What is Quordle answer 174? (July 17, 2022)

Quordle Answer 174

The Quordle answer 174 is:

  • “QUIRK”
  • “GOING”
  • “HINGE”
  • “HOVEL”

We picked “GOING” due to the “G” consonant at both the front and the back. There’s also the possibility that it will reduce to the “?OING” construction which had us falsely guessing “BOING.” Interestingly, “QUIRK” was the easiest for us as we use “LUCKY” as part of our general strategy to get rid of all the vowels and most common consonants at the beginning of the puzzle. Without the “K,” you may need to rely on the “UI” to get the “Q” as the first letter.

We would consider “HINGE” and “HOVEL” to be a pair due to the two “H” consonants in the same position. Hopefully, the “G” from “GOING” will help you here, or vice versa. Then by solving “HINGE,” you’ll get the clue you’ll need to guess the “V” in the center of “HOVEL.” Indeed, the synergy between the words in the solution should lessen the overall difficulty.

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