Quordle Answer 170: July 13, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 170 answer has arrived for July 13, 2022, and even we’re surprised by how demanding today’s puzzle is. Taking the entire solution from a bird’s-eye view, all of the words have uncommon to rare consonants and two words in particular would be extremely difficult if they were used for Wordle. The only reasons we were able to solve it is half due to luck and the other half being patient and thinking about all of the possibilities before submitting a word. No guess should be taken for granted here.

While the first word is just about as difficult, we think that the last word will likely give you the most trouble. Not only does it have a double letter, but it’s not a word you’ll likely see outside of, say, mathematics or some kind of scientific journal. That’s as much of a hint as you’re going to get from us. If you need the entire solution, head to the next section.

What is Quordle answer 170? (July 13, 2022)

Quordle Answer 170

The Quordle answer 170 is:

  • “NYMPH”
  • “SPECK”
  • “FERAL”
  • “OVOID”

We can’t imagine that many people know what “OVOID” means, though maybe its similarity to the word “OVAL” might get you halfway there. It’s just a fancy way of saying “egg-shaped,” but back to the puzzle at hand, the “V” and two “O” vowels are difficult to pinpoint. You’ll likely get the “O,” “I,” and “D” somewhere in the puzzle, but then not know where to place them. In fact, if it were “AVOID” instead with extra “A,” it would be a lot easier. Without it, guessing the extra “O” at the front might be a hard ask, so we won’t be surprised if you leave this word last.

The other difficult word is “NYMPH.” Having all those uncommon consonants together and only having the “Y” to stitch them together took a good three minutes for us to solve. Unfortunately, only the “P” from “SPECK” share any letters with “NYMPH” so it might take an extra guess figuring out the rest of it. “SPECK” and “FERAL” aren’t gimmes either. “SPECK” has three uncommon letters itself and “FERAL” might take you a bit to figure out where the common letters of “-ERAL” fit. So if you happen to solve Quordle 170, give yourself a round of applause. You earned it.

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