Quordle Answer 167: July 10, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 167 answer for July 10, 2022 has been uncovered. Relative to yesterday’s Quordle, this one is quite easier and shouldn’t take you all nine guesses unless you’re completely unlucky. There are a handful of uncommon consonants, typical for most puzzles, but none that are overly rare or put in strange positions. Only one word has a double letter and it’s a common consonant as that. That said, the top-left word might need a hint: It’s an adjective that generally means plentiful. If you still need the full solution, though, it’s posted after the header.

What is Quordle answer 167? (July 10, 2022)

Quordle Answer 167

The Quordle answer 167 is:

  • “AMPLE”
  • “PRUDE”
  • “CANON”
  • “DUCHY”

As usual, the typical method for solving Quordles involves spending the first three guesses trying words that can help you take away as many common letters as possible. Doing this will get you the majority of the letters throughout the solution in most puzzles, including this one. With the clues marked in green or yellow, you should be able to get “PRUDE” or “DUCHY” or both. “DUCHY” might give you some trouble if you’re not used to the word, which wouldn’t be too surprising for those in the States, but you should still get most of the letters.

Luckily, the “P” in “PRUDE” will help you with “AMPLE” and “DUCHY” will get you the “C” in “CANON.” It may take a little courage guessing that both the third and fifth letters in “CANON” is an “N.” (We used up a guess trying the word “BACON” because we were hungry.) But it only took one extra try to figure out the word. “AMPLE” has similar difficulty, though the “A” from “CANON” can give you a clue that the “A” is actually in the first position here.

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