Quordle Answer 158: July 1, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 158 answer has been uncovered for July 1, 2022. The puzzle today has about average difficulty, with four uncommon letters and several tricky constructions that have multiple possibilities. None of the words are too unusual, apart from the second one which might be found on a vocabulary list, and there’s only a single occurrence of a double letter. Due to the ubiquitous construction, we think that the word in the bottom-right position may be the last one you solve. For a hint, it refers to a cooking technique that keeps certain foods moist. If you need the full answer, it’s been placed after the break.

What is Quordle answer 158? (July 1, 2022)

Quordle Answer 158

The Quordle answer 158 is:

  • “RAMEN”
  • “STAID”
  • “WOODY”
  • “BASTE”

It’s hard to say whether “WOODY” or “BASTE” is trickier as both “?OODY” and “?ASTE” have a slew of possible answers. The missing letter in “?OODY” could be the “B,” “D,” “F,” “G,” “H,” “M,” or “W,” while the one for “?ASTE” can be the “B,” “H,” “P”, “T”, and “W.” Luckily, there’s some overlap here, so if you need to guess a word to try and eliminate some of the possibilities, something like “BEDEW” or “UPBOW” can do the trick. Or of course, if think you have enough guesses remaining, you can try your luck at picking of each letter at a time. But we don’t recommend that if you want to continue your hot streak.

As for “RAMEN” and “STAID,” you’ll get more than half of the letters in them through the usual game plan of using the first three rows of Quordle by guessing words that can eliminate all six vowels (that’s with the “Y”) and the usual consonants. This should hopefully make it easier for you to get the “M” and the “D” in both words.

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