Quordle Answer 145: June 18, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 145 answer for June 18, 2022 has been found. Today’s puzzle, much like yesterday’s, is tougher than most. There’s somewhere around five uncommon consonants spread throughout the solution. Most of the words are not too difficult to figure out, but the one in the lower-left corner may throw you because of the double vowel and for being rather unusual unless you know a lot about stones. That will be your hint for it. If you need more assistance, you can read the entire solution below.

What is Quordle answer 145? (June 18, 2022)

Quordle Answer 145

The Quordle answer 145 is:

  • “PANIC”
  • “METAL”
  • “AGATE”
  • “MODEL”

As referenced earlier, “AGATE” is the most challenging part of the solution. Having two “A” vowels near the front of the word is a bit unusual for most five-letter words, and you may have to waste a guess trying to figure out if “A?ATE” is solved with a “B,” “M,” or “G.” It’s also a fairly rare word unless you’re into geology or cooling stones. For the other three words, the “M,” “C”, and “P” consonants could make you use another guess as well, especially if you’re left with “?ETAL” or “?ANIC” constructions.

Per usual, the typical opening salvo for Quordles is to utilize the extra three guesses that they have relative to traditional Wordle by typing in words that cover the majority of the common consonants and all six vowels. Not only will this give you plenty of yellow and green letters, which in this case would be more than two-thirds of the puzzle, but this will help eliminate many letters off the keyboard. By about the fourth row, you’ll have many clues before more directly guessing what each word is. This will also put more investment into the process of elimination, so that by the last few guesses you will have an easier time completing the puzzle.

In other news for gaming, rumors of an Assassin’s Creed remake have started ever since the 15th anniversary celebration, and the rumored Fire Emblem game is finished and was meant to release two years ago.

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