Quordle Answer 136: June 9, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 136 answer for June 9, 2022 has been found, and this time around the puzzle is extremely hard. Every word in the solution has at least one rare or uncommon consonant, and two of them have double vowels. Two of the words, in and of themselves, are also rather unique in construction. You’ll probably heard them both before, but they’re not used in everyday language. By our estimation, the top-right word is the most surprising of the four. As a hint, it’s a formal title for a particular kind of king or prince. For the complete answer, you can read it in the section below.

What is Quordle answer 136? (June 9, 2022)

Quordle Answer 136

The Quordle answer 136 is:

  • “SHANK”
  • “RAJAH”
  • “PIXIE”
  • “COBRA”

“RAJAH” not only has the unusual placement of the “J” consonant, but it also has the uncommon “H” as well as two “A” vowels. It will take a bit of brainpower to land on this word if you haven’t seen it much before. But “PIXIE” is no slouch either. The double “I” vowel is rare enough for five-letter words, but the “X” and the “P” together make this quite a devious challenge. By comparison, “SHANK” and “COBRA” shouldn’t be as difficult but the “K” and “B” might take awhile to figure out as well. Altogether, this puzzle is quite hard but it’s still solvable with some luck.

The essential game plan for Quordles involve typing in words at the beginning of the puzzle that have distinct letters that include all of the vowels (don’t forget the “Y”) and as many of the common consonants as possible. For this puzzle in particular, you’ll need to invest a few guesses into the process of elimination; otherwise, you may not get the uncommon letters by the end of the puzzle. And luckily, compared to classic Wordle, Quordles give you the three extra tries to do just that.

As usual, after you’re done with Quordle 136, you can continue with the word-finding brainteasers by going to the practice section of the official website. You can even try your hand at more daily puzzles, so long as you’re willing to risk your records by changing the date on your chosen device a day or two in the future or the past. If you don’t want to alter your records too much, you can play these extra puzzles on another browser or platform.

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