Quordle Answer 134: June 7, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 134 answer for June 7, 2022 has been found. Today’s puzzle is difficult in an interesting way. Apart from a few uncommon letters, the trick here is that many of them reduce to a construction that has numerous possibilities, many rhymes which could be correct. So solving this will require a bit of luck and some expert strategy. The lower-left word may be the trickiest; if you need a hint, it’s generally used in reference to feudal lords. If need more than that, you’ll find the full answer in the following section.

What is Quordle answer 134? (June 7, 2022)

Quordle Answer 134

The Quordle answer 134 is:

  • “CLOCK”
  • “BOSSY”
  • “LIEGE”
  • “BLOCK”

The most noticeable feature for the solution is that it has two words, “CLOCK” and “BLOCK,” that are very close to each other. As such, you’ll likely end up with the “?LOCK” construction, which has more than several answers. The same can be said with “?OSSY” that might make you use up a guess or two in your search for “MOSSY.” “LIEGE” is somewhat challenging as well with the double “E” vowel and the “G.”

As usual for the beginning of most Quordle puzzles, you’ll want to use the first three guesses choosing words that have distinct vowels and consonants. But that just covers the basics. This puzzle will likely require a more advanced technique.

For situations where you have tricky construction with many possibilities, like “?OSSY” in this puzzle, you may not want to guess what that missing letter is one at a time. The correct letter in this case can be a “B,” “L,” “M,” or “S.” So you may want to consider guessing, say, “BLIMP” to hedge your bets and cover three of those possibilities (and if those three letters are wrong, then you know that it’s the “S”). This technique will also aid you if “?LOCK” gives you trouble.

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