Quordle Answer 132: June 5, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle 132 answer for June 5, 2022 has been found. Today’s puzzle is rather interesting in that all of the words in the solution have multiple uncommon letters, but the difficulty isn’t as high as it could be because none of the letters appear more than once in any of the words and all of them are fairly specific in construction. If there’s any word that’s particularly challenging, it’s the one in the top-right corner. For a hint, it tends to describe an important person in the entertainment industry. If you need more assistance, you can check out the complete answer after the break.

What is Quordle answer 132? (June 5, 2022)

Quordle Answer 132

The Quordle answer 132 is:

  • “GAVEL”
  • “MOGUL”
  • “DEIGN”
  • “WRECK”

Taking all of the words together, all of them have a couple of unusual consonants, in particular the “V” in “GAVEL” and the “W” and “K” in “WRECK.” Both “MOGUL” and “DEIGN” share the “G” as well. What helps here is that there aren’t too many words that are similar to these four, apart from maybe “DEIGN” as “?EIGN” as several solutions. “MOGUL” might give you the greatest struggle because of how atypical it is with the placement of each letter.

Since Quordle gives you nine guesses as opposed to classic Wordle’s six, process of elimination is very important here for you to get all four words correct in time. Thus, the typical strategy is to start every puzzle with a few words of your own choosing that can make quick work of all of the vowels and whatever consonants you think are common. Not only will this help you by way of all the yellow and green letters (or the lack thereof), but it will help you by the end of the puzzle when elimination is key is narrowing down the possibilities.

Once you finish Quordle 132, you can access additional daily puzzles by altering the date settings of your chosen platform. If you wish to protect your streak or records, then it’s best that you change up your device or browser before attempting these new puzzles. Beyond that, you can try more practice puzzles on the official website, or you can try other Wordle variants like Crossworlde or Absurdle.

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