PSP 2022: Is There a New PlayStation Portable Release Date?

Any rumors of a new PSP in 2022 may seem unlikely, but against all odds speculation surrounding a new PlayStation Portable is doing the rounds. But do these rumors have any basis in reality, or will those hoping for a new portable PS console be left waiting?

Is a new PSP coming out in 2022?

Unsurprisingly, a new PSP isn’t coming out in 2022, and fans of the old PlayStation Portable shouldn’t expect a new handheld console from Sony anytime soon. Sony is currently focusing on the PS5 and the upcoming PlayStation VR 2, so even though many fans of the old PSP and its successor the PS Vita would love to see a new console in the same vein, it’s not on the cards right now.

While a new handheld PlayStation console could very well be on the cards in the future, Sony has made no such announcements, and the trajectory of its hardware indicates that it’s firmly focused on the home console market along with virtual reality technology.

Where did the new PlayStation Portable rumors come from?

The rumors of a new PSP stem from two odd sources. The first is an old job listing, posted back in 2021, which saw the company advertising for a Head of Mobile position. However, this position was instead focused on strategy surrounding mobile games, specifically on adapting PlayStation’s main franchises to mobile and live service models.

The second is more hopeful news for the few still using their PSP and PS Vita, with it revolving around the video game publisher PixelHeart. The company tweeted that it would “offer you PSP games” from June 8, with further tweets indicating that these will be proper released and not homebrew titles, as noted by YouTuber PSVita at 2am.

While this isn’t exactly huge news and doesn’t mark a true resurgence for the PSP and PS Vita, it’s at least some comfort to long-suffering PSP and PS Vita owners who have wanted new games on their old systems for a while now.

In other news, after the Resident Evil 4 announcement for PS5, fans have been wondering what the differences are between the new and old versions of the game. Those in the market for a PS5 have also been wondering if it’s worth holding fire until a new model is announced.

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