PS Plus ‘Your Game Closed Due to Inactivity’ Notification Fix and Meaning

Seeing the PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification popping up can cause a lot of confusion in players. What’s more, it follows the equally perplexing “Game closing in 30 seconds due to inactivity” notification. These notifications can be tough to decipher. Thankfully, this guide is here to demystify the issue. Here’s what the PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification meaning and how to fix it.

How to fix PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity”

To fix the PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification, players must:

  • Load the game back up.
    • This notification appears when players have left a game streaming title idle for too long.
    • Going to the Home menu and loading the game back up will stop it from closing.
  • Keep their in-game character moving.
    • By using an elastic band or other tactic, users can make their controller continuously push on an analog stick or push a trigger, causing the in-game character to move.
    • With the game still thinking the user is playing, they can leave the game running for extended periods.

What does the PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification mean?

The PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification means that any games players were streaming have now been closed.

If players are frequently switching between games, it’s easy to forget that they are connected to the game streaming service. That means it’s very possible that a game streamed PS3 title, for example, could be connected in the background while the player enjoys a PS5 title. Therefore, the game streamed title is closed.

It’s unfortunate that game streaming doesn’t wait a little longer for users to resume play. The time before games automatically close is relatively short, which could frustrate some users.

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