PS Plus ‘Unfortunately, Your Network Delay Might Be Too Long’ Error Fix

The PS Plus “Unfortunately, your network delay might be too long for game streaming” error can be very frustrating to see. This error is often accompanied by the code CE-110856-1 and the recommendation to “Connect a LAN cable and try again.” This issue can occur on both PS5 and PS4 when using the Game Stream service as part of PlayStation Plus Premium. This used to come under PS Now. Thankfully, there are some workarounds to help solve this problem. Here’s how to fix the PS Plus “Unfortunately, your network delay might be too long for game streaming” error.

How to fix the PS Plus “Unfortunately, your network delay might be too long” error

To fix the PS Plus “Unfortunately, your network delay might be too long” error, users will want to:

  • First, make sure your console is connected using a wire.
    • As convenient as wireless connections can be, they generally aren’t as stable as wired.
    • Connecting with an ethernet cable is your best bet for stable and consistent gameplay using Game Streaming.
  • Check to make sure no one else is hogging your connection.
    • Other devices uploading or downloading on the same network can have a drastic impact on the game streaming functionality.
    • Pause or stop any downloads or uploads until you have finished streaming your games.
  • Ensure that PlayStation services are up and running properly.
    • Users can check the PlayStation Status on the official website here.
  • Restart your system and/or router.
    • Sometimes a simple restart can save the day. Give your PS5 or PS4 a reboot and/or also power cycle your router.

If none of the above suggestions solve your issue, the next best step is to contact PlayStation Support directly.

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