Pop Team Epic Season 2 Release Date

The Pop Team Epic Season 2 release date is coming later this year, and we’re pumped to see Popuko and Pipimi. The absurd anime took the Winter 2018 series by storm before going dormant. Despite the webcomic continuing, many fans thought we wouldn’t get a second season of the anime. Luckily, they were wrong, and more Poptepipic is on its way!

Pop Team Epic Season 2 release date

Pop Team Epic Season 2 will release in October 2022, when the Fall anime season starts. Unfortunately, a release date for an English sub or dub hasn’t been confirmed.

Despite getting a big push when it first aired, support for the franchise has faded outside of Japan. The manga was licensed for English publication by Vertical, and it only released the first two volumes. Three more have been released in Japan, but there’s been no word of an English release.

Surprisingly, we couldn’t even find the two trailers for Pop Team Epic Season 2 on an English YouTube channel. So instead, fans must watch them on the King Amusement Creative channel with no subtitles. It feels like someone is dropping the ball, considering the first season’s popularity.

For those not familiar with the show, it centers around two girls named Popuko and Pipimi. There’s no real story or continuity, and it’s an anime adaptation of a four-panel comic, so most skits are quick and snappy. It frequently parodies both Japanese and English pop culture and leans toward the absurd and surreal.

The first season’s unique gimmick, one which isn’t confirmed for season two, is that each 15-minute episode repeats. One viewing consists of male voice actors, and a female cast voices the other. Since there’s frequent ad-libbing, you end up getting two different approaches to each segment.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us with Pop Team Epic Season 2! Let’s pop together when it releases in October!

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